‘Potato Planters’ by Katerina Sidorova is a video installation telling a story of continuity, cultural memory and cyclical ways of living.

And summer will come, and after summer autumn will, and then winter will come, well, after winter comes spring, and then summer will be.
You will put a potato in the soil in May, to dig up seven in August, you will save one of them to put into the soil again. We are misplaced from the land just like potatoes are being dug out of the ground. ‘Potato Planters’ tells a story searching for cultural roots, an attempt to come back to one’s origin while learning the most primal craft of harvesting.

Katerina Sidorova is a visual artist, recently graduated from KABK in The Hague and YSPU in Yaroslavl, Russia. The feeling of the helplessness and therefore absurdity of human existence is something that has been Katerina’s companion for a long time. Armed with eyes, damned with reason. Struggling with what is given, yet terrified of what is yet to be found. The man marches the world, knowing then unknowing again. In a continuous search artworks become inseparable from one another and together form a never-ending chronicle. Changing through time, carefully surrounding, embracing, they serve as bedtime stories for the frightened man.

Valkenboskade 503, Den Haag | 070 7505658
Opening hours:
24 februari 17.00 – 20.00 (18.30 “On basics of potato harvesting” Performative lecture).
25 februari 16.00 – 19.00